Tales Of Destiny Cheats

Tales Of Destiny Cheats

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Tales of Destiny (PS1): Bad Ending Speed Run in 0:55:24

This is an interesting and short category that uses the save glitch to all ofow you to defeat a supposed “unbeatable boss” that you’re supposed to lose to and in doing so supplys you an alternative ending to the actual ending. This run is butt and may be improved massively. :- Watch live in http://www.twitch.tv/sylux98
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Let’s Play Tales of Destiny!

Sometimes, you just gotta cheat. Thank God for the internet.

Tales of Destiny is among the 1st games in the long-running “Tales of” series of action JRPGs. Originally publishd on the PS1, it features what has now become the trademark active battle system that has evolved over the years. Tales of Destiny operates on strictly a 2D strategye, unlike modern games In the series, but still retains much of the core fundamentals later Tales games would still feature to together with the day. Join us as we take a look back in JRPG history, and the early days of among the most prevalent franchises in the genre!

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