Volundr Forge Tips

Volundr Forge Tips

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Hey all of! Showing you how to fast finish the quest steps for the Volundr Machine Gun Frame you pick up from Ada-1. This is just how I did it. Feel totally free to farm the kills / materials needed your way. Note: This is just to finish the ‘frame’, not the Forge activity which comes after.

For a full Forge completion, here you go: https://youtu.be/C03d3axNEUo

Step 1, I was in the Outskirts area of the EDZ, as well as together with this has you gathering a Weapon Core as well as Compound Ether. I found my Weapon Core in the container which spawns in together with the Forge Saboteurs (this particular just one spawns just south of the Public Event area, right in the begin of the collapsed highway. It’s on a timer like the high-value targets, so if it’s not there for you, wait around for the next just one to spawn… usually less than 10 minutes). Note: You DO NOT have to kill the Forge Saboteur, you just have to open among the containers. Go ahead as well as break the shield on just one, as well as you have to have your Core. After which, continue taking out random Fallen to collect the rest of the Compound Ether if needed. I think you need 25 of these.

Step 2, you need 15 multikills together with Power Weapons, as well as 50 Power Weapon Kills against Hive in total. I went to the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector on Titan, since I knew I could have a lot of Hive here. Had I known the rest of the quest steps ahead of time, I would have went straight to Mars as well as Escalation Protocol for the rest of the quest.

Step 3, you have to kill Powerful Enemies together with Power Weapons, as well as the easiest method here is begining up a round of Escalation Protocol, since there are lots of Major opponents which spawn in together with together with this event. Completing together with this step leads directly into…

Step 4, which has you killing more Powerful opponents to collect Radiant Seeds. So again, stick together with Escalation Protocol to continue farming major opponents, as well as you have to be done in no time.

After which, return to Ada-1 in the Tower, as well as she will give you the Radiant Machine Gun Frame. You may now enter the Forge in the EDZ. Although, you have to be aware together with this is a 610 light matchmaking activity, together with opponents which scale in toughy as you go. The second phase is in 625, as well as the boss round is in 630 light, I believe, so yeah, you might be grinding Milestones for a small while to have your light levels up.

Thank you very much for watching, as well as hopefully together with this helps you out!
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