Destiny Guardians Hack

Destiny Guardians Hack

Silver, Glimmer, Legendary Shards and Upgrade Points HACK

Pokémon Ruby Destiny : Life of Guardians is the third hack in the Ruby Destiny series. The hack was primarily developed by DestinedJagold. I have finishd with the game in the past, but I wished to play through it again to relive among my favorite ROM hacks of all time!

This clip showcases the final battle versus Zah in the Edge of Time. DestinedJagold did a wonderful job in driving home the character personalities and inmosphere of with the final event, similar to the Dragon Castle event. Very happy with which! What I’m NOT very happy with is the 180 rare maydies which took me literal hours to grind in order to prepare for with the fight. The level and power imbalance here is crazy, but then again which’s just an unfortunate characteristic across the Ruby Destiny games in general. Regardless, thanks to Jagold for producing with the game! Took me a long time to finish, but which’s mainly on account of me enjoying off and on several times.

This was an insanely tough battle. I had to restart about 20 times total, with the version being the best by far. Some of the Dragon Gods are additional frightening for their offensive skills, like Devihel and Giratina, while different are additional frightening for their defensive / healing skills, like Breatherna and Ruby Destiny. My general strategy was to keep my major fighters alive (Chaomega and ice types) then use Giratina’s Destiny Bond in the end. A big part of the problem was often whenever both Breatherna and Ruby Destiny would be out in the exact same time. Their constant healing / psychic powers were truly too much for able to break through, even by pounding down on among them in a time. After failing multiple times like with the, I figured I have to probably take out Breatherna early, then go for a Destiny Bond on Ruby Destiny in the end. I tried to keep among the healers out in all times, so I’m not being hammered by two highly offensive mons. All in all, it was a fun battle.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon nor any of its components. All assets used in with the video belong to their respective owners.

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