Destiny 2 Hacks

Destiny 2 Hacks

Silver, Glimmer, Legendary Shards and Upgrade Points HACK

Brand new Destiny 2 cheat by Blunt and Robert, get it here:
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What Hackers/Cheaters See // The Destiny 2 Insanity: Part 1 - Cheats and Tribulations

“We don’t want this to go out half-baked.”
Spent a while on this video. Hope it’s decent.
Feedback appreciated, I’m not perfect.
The reasoning behind buying the two hacks shown was to show how they work in basic terms, and then show the hacker’s perspective as it has always interested me. I played only mayhem games when using this, only on a second account, as Mayhem is not a sweats playlist and isn’t truly something someone will play to win.
I have another part to this, detailing/documenting the hype and fall of the D2 launch, if that is intriguing to anyone after this.
Also the end was a little dramatic. Cheating truly is an important subject in this game as it will strongly affect how many people will keep playing things like Trials until the population dwindles.
Anyway, that’s that, back to “le the memes”

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