Destiny 2 Tips

Destiny 2 Tips

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Destiny can be an overwhelming game when you play it for the first time! There are tons of activities to do, vendors galore, and more materials that you know what to do with! With a lot of players getting into the Destiny franchise for the first time, I wanted to go over 5 things that might be helpful for new players. For veterans of the game, this likely won’t be of tremendous value, but it’s the nature of Guardians to help one another!

1.) Xur! Xur is a weekly vendor that sells exotic weapons and armor. His location changes each week, and I will use to make a weekly video showing where he is and what he’s selling. Xur will be one of the best ways for new players to get exotic weapons and armor. Make sure you visit him each week to complete your exotic collection, and also check the perks on the armor he is selling!

2.) Milestones! Daily and Weekly milestones reward powerful gear. This will be how you increase the power level of your character. Beyond a certain point, milestones (along with prime engrams and the rare exotic drop) are the only way to reach max power level. Make sure you do these each week.

3.) Bounties! Bounties are available from a number of vendors at the tower, along with the vendor on each planet. These gives materials, tokens, and glimmer, and are useful towards gaining additional rewards like weapons and armor. Be sure to grab the pinnacle bounty from Shaxx, Zavala, and the Drifter!!!!

4.) Key Resources! Enhancement Cores and Mod components are extremely important. Make sure you’re saving these up, and take advantage of this video for ways to get more of them!

5.) MOST IMPORTANT! Have fun, get involved!

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