Destiny 2 Beginner Tips

Destiny 2 Beginner Tips

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Alright boys welcome to the Ultimate Leveling Guide for Destiny 2! This video will give you every single bit of information you will ever need whenever it comes to leveling in Destiny 2! This includes Season Pass, Seasonal Artifact, as well as Power Level! I will even go over How To achieve the Soft Cap, How To achieve the Hard Cap, as well as How To achieve the Pinnacle Cap! Along with the video you have have all the information to go out as well as Level Up Fast in Destiny 2! This video is being made in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen but the Destiny 2 Leveling Guide For New Players as well as Beginners will be viable for future seasons to come! This is the Best Leveling Guide For Destiny 2 in 2021! I will even touch on how to Min as well as Max for Power Leveling together within Destiny 2! Enjoy!

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00:00​​ : Intro

00:47​​ : Raid Shadow Legends (Sponsor)

03:02​​ : Starting Information

03:31​​ : 3 Types Of Levels (Season Pass, Seasonal Artifact, Power)

03:46​​ : Season Pass (XP, Bounties, Seasonal Challenges)

05:27​​ : Seasonal Artifact (Artifact Mods & Artifact Power Bonuses)

07:52​​ : Power Level (What is it as well as What does it do?)

09:37​​ : The Soft Cap (What is it as well as How to achieve it?)

10:12​​ : The Hard Cap (What is it, How to achieve it, Powerful Challenges)

15:46​​ : Min Max (How it works & How to do it)

18:33​​ : The Pinnacle Cap (What is it, How to achieve it, Pinnacle Challenges)

19:14​​ : Bonus Tips/Information You Should Know!

21:32​​ : Outro! JOIN THE DISCORD! Sign ONLY if you enjoy the videos 🙂

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