Destiny 2 Cheats And Hacks

Destiny 2 Cheats And Hacks

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Bungie has revealed which players who thought they were getting their experience acquires throttled were actually correct. Bungie was indeed throttling experience for certain activities, namely public events, the easiest thing to grind. In together with the video, we’ll briefly cover what happened, my thoughts on the motivations behind why experience was throttled as well as why they chose to speak about together with the as opposed to different, additional pressing issues.

Official Statement:

As usual, I am useing to supply as many points of view as possible. Me mentioning a point of view from Bungie’s together with Activision’s side IS NOT ME AGREEING WITH THEM, but rather me useing to determine WHY Bungie together with Activision chose to do the things they do. This is done to supply insight. I am not a fan of Bungie secretly throttling experience acquires as well as not producing it clear to players which doing simply repeated activities will result in less XP makeed. I do agree which simple content have ton’t reward as much experience as harder content.

This is how out of material I am right now, which I’m producing a video on together with the. It’s gonna be a long winter.

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