Destiny 2 Tips

Destiny 2 Tips

Silver, Glimmer, Legendary Shards and Upgrade Points HACK

Destiny 2 Beginners Guide for 2020 / New Light & Shadowkeep Tips for New Players

Beginner to Destiny 2? New player to Shadowkeep? This guide will give you all the basic tricks to help you get started for Destiny 2 in 2020. Tips in this guide are aimed at folks who have never played Destiny before.

If you have any great tricks for new players, pop them in the comments below!

Topic Index:
Classes & Sub-classes 00:46
The Director 03:20
The Eververse 03:34
The Tower / Traveller 04:17
Bounties 04:47
The Postmaster 05:34
Weapon Types 05:53
Armor 07:03
Equipment Mods 07:26
Equipment Rarity & Exotics 08:05
Levelling Up & Power Level 09:26
Dismantling & Locking Equipment 10:53
Infusing Equipment 11:18
The Collections Tab 12:09
Ships and Sparrows 12:47
Ghosts 13:21
Planetary Materials 13:42
Engrams & Loot 14:03
Planet Vendors 14:26
Weekly Challenges 14:45
Shield Element Matching 15:09
Class Abilities & Supers 16:19
Story Campaigns 17:05
Quests & Adventures 17:32
Public Events 17:59
Patrols 18:44
Lost Sectors 19:13
Vanguard Strikes & Nightfalls 19:33
The Crucible 21:05
The Drifter’s Gambit 21:32
Activity Ranks 23:00
Weekly Reset Day 23:19
Xûr Appearances 23:45
Roster 24:28
Clans & Benefits 24:54
Raid Content 25:28
Season Rank & Rewards 26:10
Cross Save 26:27

Niris’s Infographics –
Where is Xur? –

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